Pokémon Sword & Shield - 10 Best New Pokémon

And you thought the original 151 had all the best designs.


Pokémon Sword & Shield have just released, and with that comes a whole bunch of new Pokémon. All the headlines at the time were about the existing ‘mons set to be cut by Dexit, but now that we’re free to explore Galar, it’s the newbies in the limelight.

Any Pokémon new to Galar have been considered here, even ones we saw ages ago in trailers and whatnot. The Galarian forms of existing Pokémon have been left out though, with those being tackled later on.

Recently, there was a list of the best ‘mons in Sword & Shield for competitive battling; this list is far less scientific. It looks at the much more nebulous concept of ‘best’ Pokémon, in terms of fan popularity, aesthetics and general ‘coolness’. Subjectivity of course plays a part, but Pokémon who’ve been talked about the most since release have made themselves too popular to leave out.

It’s looking at individual Pokémon, not evolutionary lines or families, so there’s a mix of first stage, middle stage, final stage and single stage Pokémon here to enjoy. You can’t quite catch ‘em all anymore, but you can certainly catch these ten.


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