Pokémon Sword & Shield - 10 Best New Pokémon

11. Honourable Mention: Cinderace


Initially, there was a shortlist of just over ten considered, and when it was trimmed down, none of the starter families were part of it. It only seemed right to have them as an honourable mention though, as despite the typical scorn poured upon them, they’re pretty neat.

There was an option to sit on the fence, and just have ‘the starters’ as an honourable mention, but where’s the fun in sitting on the fence? Flag in the ground, Cinderace is the best ‘mon of the nine starter forms.

As exhibit A, I offer up Pyro Ball. I have no further evidence I wish to submit for consideration.

Pyro Ball is the single coolest signature move not only of the Galar starters, but of any Pokémon anywhere. The football inspired rabbit does a few keepy uppies with a rock, round the worlds it, turns it into a fireball and volleys it at their opponent in a Peter Crouch scissor kick.

It’s perhaps a little too much bait for a certain type of Pokémon fan, but the starter Pokémon have had a very humanoid feel for a few generations now.

People will likely favour whichever starter they picked, but here Cinderace just nicks it.


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