Project 007 Wishlist: 10 Features We Most Want From New James Bond Video Game

How will the makers of the Hitman video game franchise fare in recapturing that Goldeneye magic?

Project 007
IO Interactive

Cast your mind back to ye olden times (the '90s and early '00s), when James Bond video games used to be something special and a cause for celebration. Since then, Bond games have never quite been able to recapture the magic of a death match between friends on the N64, when gentlemen spies wouldn't dream of using Oddjob.

So, it's great news that a new James Bond game is finally being developed, especially given the length of absence since the release of the franchise's last instalment: 007 Legends was released in 2012, and the less said about it, the better. It's vital they get the next entry right, given the questionable levels of quality during his last few outings.

Title Project 007, it feels like the franchise is thankfully back in safe hands. IO Interactive has been really proving itself in recent years. The latest entries in the Hitman franchise have proven IO's ability to craft and design excellent levels and puzzles, as well as creating the quintessential spy thriller atmosphere.

However, the Hitman games still have been lacking in other areas; often, there's been a lack of plot, character development, and overall story. Also, it would be a mistake just to build a Hitman game and slap a shaken martini coat of paint over it, and call it a Bond game.

We all want this game to return James to his former glory, so here are ten ways to help him accomplish that mission with the upcoming Project 007...

10. Be It's Own Game

Project 007

Back in 1997, Goldeneye helped set a new standard for FPS games and multiplayer games on consoles. It was the game others were trying to imitate. Later games, like Agent Under Fire and Nightfire, were simple, fun games, not trying to reinvent the genre, that still had their own style and identity.

The mistake the Craig themed Bond games made was they were trying to ape the trends of the time. Looking at them now, they just look like what they are, pale imitations of Call of Duty (one of the biggest gaming franchises at the time) and cover-based 3rd Person Shooters (every other game was trying to be Gears of War). Copies are typically forgotten and disregarded, the best they can ever hope for is 2nd place.

To ensure this Bond game is remembered as one of the all-time greats, it shouldn't copy something else, even the Hitman games. Bond is a trendsetter, he needs to build on what came before and create something new and better than other games can emulate.

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