Project 007 Wishlist: 10 Features We Most Want From New James Bond Video Game

9. Vehicle Sections

Project 007

Bond's car is probably his most famous accessory and gadget, therefore we need some top tier vehicular mayhem. For the most part, vehicle sections in Bond games, even the average ones, tend to be pretty good. There's something about doing 80 MPH and firing rockets at henchmen that will never get old.

Ideally, this instalment will build on everything the previous games did and not just be a succession of linear race track style missions. It would be great to use the car how each individual player sees fit.

With regards to open-world games like GTA or Far Cry, it's been great seeing bad guys try to ambush players out in the open forcing them to think on their toes. With GTA, especially so, because recent updates have included OTT spy cars, allowing gamers to improvise and use their gadgets to outwit the enemy.

Naturally, it'd be great if you could play or unlock any of the classic Bond cars. Aston Martin V8 Vantage for the win!

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