PS4 Vs Xbox One: 10 2014 Releases To Win The War

Because the games themselves are always more important than the consoles.

2013 is winding down in what can only be solidified as a milestone year in gaming thanks to the launch of Sony and Microsoft€™s powerful new consoles. And while the majority of those that are privileged to own a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One €“ including myself €“ are nothing but pleased with the hardware specs and photorealistic graphical capabilities, we are unfortunately already returning to our last generation consoles. Why? We need some games that have both style and substance! Ryse: Son of Rome may boast some of the most detailed, jaw-dropping graphics and character models in existence, but that means squat when the combat engine is as engaging as looking at the ceiling. We are consistently having our minds blown from a technical standpoint, but games inherently need to contain fun to be worth playing. Thankfully, 2014 does have some juicy titles announced that I€™m overly anxious to get my thumbs on, but a more interesting - and dare I say controversial - assessment is examining just how far some of these games can contribute to winning the fabled console wars. Without further ado, let€™s jump in.

Honorable Mention- Titanfall

There€™s no denying that Titanfall looks far more intriguing than the latest Call of Duty copy and paste job. It€™s essentially just giant mechs ripping each other€™s arms off and beating them senseless with them. I even personally know people that have gotten the opportunity to experience the game hands on, and they have basically stated that it€™s inevitably going to be the go-to multiplayer game of 2014. I just don€™t know if a multiplayer only game is something to go totally crazy over, especially when the game is also coming to the Xbox 360. Nevertheless, it does look really fun and is worth a mention. Click Next to begin the list!

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