PS5: 10 Early PlayStation Games That Need Remakes

If Demon's Souls can return, why not Okami??

Clover Studio

The PS5 features some amazing new titles, along with the latest in many long-running series. We're likely entering a new golden age of console gaming overall, with advances in technology allowing a more engaging, immersive experience.

But along with new titles, old ones will return too, beloved games from years ago that can flourish anew on a modern console. Virtual reality, online play, revamped control schemes and other developments from the world of modern gaming can give classics a real shot in the arm, bringing them to a new audience of gamers and delighting old hands who can enjoy their childhood games once again.

A Metal Gear Solid 1 remake is reportedly in production for the new consoles, and it's sure to be the first of many classics to enjoy a revival, following the success of remakes such as Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Game developers and fans alike seem united in their desire to bring much-loved classics to the world of modern gaming, giving them all the features of a modern title while holding onto that original charm.

From fan-favourites to commercial juggernauts, there's a real treasure trove of great games that desperately need a revamp.

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