PS5: 10 Early PlayStation Games That Need Remakes

If Demon's Souls can return, why not Okami??

Okami Wii
Clover Studio

The PS5 features some amazing new titles, along with the latest in many long-running series. We're likely entering a new golden age of console gaming overall, with advances in technology allowing a more engaging, immersive experience.

But along with new titles, old ones will return too, beloved games from years ago that can flourish anew on a modern console. Virtual reality, online play, revamped control schemes and other developments from the world of modern gaming can give classics a real shot in the arm, bringing them to a new audience of gamers and delighting old hands who can enjoy their childhood games once again.

A Metal Gear Solid 1 remake is reportedly in production for the new consoles, and it's sure to be the first of many classics to enjoy a revival, following the success of remakes such as Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Game developers and fans alike seem united in their desire to bring much-loved classics to the world of modern gaming, giving them all the features of a modern title while holding onto that original charm.

From fan-favourites to commercial juggernauts, there's a real treasure trove of great games that desperately need a revamp.

10. Dark Chronicle

Okami Wii

With its blend of gameplay styles, engaging world and lovingly designed visuals, it's no wonder Dark Chronicle enjoyed strong sales and the love of a cult fanbase.

But it could look so much better on the PS5. The procedurally-generated dungeons, dreamy construction mode and adorable enemies were all great in the original. They could be positive works of art when rendered with modern graphics.

Better game mechanics and a bigger game world could be huge improvements too. The original dungeons were a huge part of the game's appeal, but a better variety of types and sizes could help push this game to the next level, while additions to the range of weapons and rideable mechs available would add a new layer of interest.

Dark Chronicle's core concept and plot is solid enough that a remade version wouldn't need to stray far from the source material to be a hit.

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