PS5: 10 Features It MUST Have

1. Fixing The "Console Promise"

ps4 installation

The sort of problem you don't realise is a major issue until it's pointed out, the "console promise" refers to how a huge reason to game on console was getting away from PC installation times.

Across past generations, one of the best things about buying a new game was the knowledge you could get home, slide it in and get playing within seconds. This generation especially though? That's gone completely by the wayside. Games routinely take hours to either install or download their latest patches - often stretching into tens of GB, moving playtime later into the night, or sometimes, the next day.

It's simply not acceptable without better communication of "X game will take X long to install", at least so you know what to expect.

Xbox's Phil Spencer has noted that start times are a priority for the next Xbox system, and though many 2018 games did get better with getting you into a game fast, there's a lot of streamlining the process yet to be done.

The massive elephant in the room is digital downloads as they're broadband-dependent, but if the systems support physical discs in any fashion, that data being right there should alleviate the need for protracted wait times.

Either way, Microsoft have clearly identified the problem, and it's Sony's fight to lose.


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