PS5: 10 Games That Show What It Can Do

The best PS5 games and graphics.

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We may be only a few months into the next generation of consoles but it is already clear to see why the PlayStation 5 has gotten so many people excited for the future of gaming.

When Sony finally showed off the console during a State Of Play livestream, it set the internet into an excited frenzy. Not only does the PS5’s flamboyant design make it stand out from any other consoles but it addresses the cooling problem the PlayStation 4 had where it would sound like a plane was about to take off every time you loaded up a game.

But no matter how cool a console looks or how advanced the technology running it is, it will always be the games that determines whether or not it is a success. The PS5 has both an impressive lineup of launch titles to help show off the consoles capabilities as well as upgraded PS4 versions of games that launched prior to the PS5.

So if you want to know which games are making the most of the PS5, here are the 10 best games available so far.

10. No Man’s Sky

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Hello Games

When No Man’s Sky finally launched in August of 2016, it did not live up to expectations. Numerous bugs, gameplay issues and missing content resulted in the game being a major disappointment for everyone.

But where other developers would have abandoned the game and moved on, Hello Games decided to get their heads down and fix it one patch at a time. Over four years later, No Man’s Sky has undergone an incredible transformation thanks to multiple patches and expansions, and there is no better place to appreciate this transformation than on the PS5.

The faster loading screens makes travelling from one star system to another a breeze and the 4K graphics enhance the beauty of all the ships, planets and space stations you can explore either on your own or with up to 32 other players in multiplayer mode.

And the final treat is that the PS4 version comes with a free upgrade to the PS5 version. So whether you played it on day one or have always been curious as to how far the game has come since its launch, there has never been a better time to play No Man’s Sky.

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