PS5: 10 Games That Show What It Can Do

9. Doom Eternal

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iD Software

First person shooters have been a part of gaming history for decades, and the Doom franchise is one of the earliest and most adored shooters ever made.

After the underwhelming instalment of Doom 3, id Software revitalised the franchise in 2016 with a soft reboot that acted as a sequel to Doom 64. It received mass praise from fans and critics and earned a sequel in the form of Doom Eternal. Like the game before it, Doom Eternal recaptures the spirit of the original shooters of the 1990’s while also taking advantage of the advancements made in gaming over the years.

Doom Eternal is meant to be played at a fast pace with the awesome Mick Gordon soundtrack blaring through your stereo as you blast your way through as many demon hordes as the game can throw at you. If you have already played the game on PS4 you will also get a free upgrade to the PS5 that will help improve upon the experience for next generation gaming.

You will notice that loading screens go by in a flash and that environments and Glory Kills have never looked better, thanks the the PS5’s enhanced graphical capabilities.

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