PS5: 10 Iconic PlayStation Franchises Sony Needs To Revive

Come on, Sony. Let's root through those drawers.

Syphon Filter

With the PlayStation 5 on the horizon, fans are eagerly keen to see what exclusives the console will have for it. Whether they be launch titles or upcoming releases, new IP or series continuations, Sony has rarely let us down. Just look at the PS4's exclusive titles to back that up.

Sony already has a wealth of franchises going into the PS5: God of War, Marvel's Spider-Man and Horizon: Zero Dawn are but a few with sequels either on their way or at least heavily rumoured. There's always scope for Ratchet and Clank, or Uncharted, or maybe even Little Big Planet to make the leap too.

But what of the old favourites, the franchises we haven't seen for a good few years now?

Wouldn't we all love to see Gabe Logan return now that its series rival, Metal Gear Solid, has fallen to gambling? Alright, maybe Ready at Dawn's take on the Knights of the Round didn't make the best first impression, but where's the harm in a second chance?

There's some lesser known, more cult games in here that fans are crying for a revival for too. So let's dig deep into Sony's back catalogue, shall we?

10. The Order 1886

Syphon Filter

For all of its faults, The Order 1886 was a gorgeous and fairly competent third person shooter. It took on a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen "they walk among us" fantasy narrative that was admittedly a bit cliched yet still extremely tantalising. So what went wrong?

Well, with a runtime of a little over six hours (at a push) and a heavy focus on cutscenes for chapters, players weren't happy with paying AAA prices for it.

In retrospect (and that you can get it for a fiver now), there's something in here to expand on. Y'know, provided Ready at Dawn let us play it this time.

Galahad's been excommunicated, so perhaps let us explore more of alternative Victorian era London. New guns, gadgets and gorgeous graphics would help pull some credibility back to the ill-fated title.

As I said, the story may have followed generic beats, but consider that a seed sown to branch off into new territories. Follow 2018's God of War reimagining: less QTEs, more of a focus on combat and the world around us.

Just don't let it be the final Order.


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