PS5: 10 Major Worries Sony MUST Address

They came out on top last-generation, but what does Sony's PlayStation 5 need to succeed?


On June 11th 2020, Sony kicked the ninth generation of gaming into high gear with the reveal of the PlayStation 5.

It was a strong if somewhat safe unveiling, with a curved, futuristic console and several tech demonstrations. The games announced looked fantastic, and as far as excitement levels go, the Japanese corporation has began their next console venture well enough.

The PS5 looks to be a continuation of their high-tier focus from the previous generation, and as we saw with the PlayStation 4, Sony came out with a smashing success, boasting a lower price, solid value and most importantly, too many brilliant exclusive games to count.

Of course, no gaming company is on top forever, and as the next generation beckons, there are some areas Sony need to address. We'll be sure to cover Microsoft and the Xbox Series X later this month, but right now it's Sony's turn under the microscope.

What worries do they need to address? What do they need to do to ensure another successful product? How can they best compete with their rivals? Let's find out.

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