PS5: 10 Most Promising Details You Haven’t Heard About

All we know so far about Sony's next home console.


It's been six years since the PS4 launched, going on to be the second highest selling console of all time, just behind the PS2. Which, when you think of it, is both mad and a pretty impressive feat.

With such a cracking library of games available for it, the PS4 has really cemented Sony's place in the console wars. But with the PS5 being announced, are we ready for it? Even more so, are we excited for it?

What with the PS4 Pro pushing capabilities of consoles and TV to new highs, are we ready to embrace a new wave of 8K support so soon? Will we be able to play our current catalogue of PS4 titles, or will they become redundant?

The biggest problem, with any kind of reveal like this, is the lack of information from Sony so far. The current drip-feed of reports and "leaks" isn't making me feel any easier, but on the whole, will that diminish the interest before release? What magic will Sony need to pull out of the bag to convince people that lightning strikes for a fifth time?

We're all in the same boat right now, but let me try and steer you towards some positive, yet not ironclad, reasons to be excited about the PS5.

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