PS5: 10 Ways It Will Change Gaming Forever

9. UHD Blu Ray Drive Makes 4K The Norm

Spider-Man ps5

One of the aspects of the PS4 that seemed bizarre (especially when considering how integral the Blu Ray drive was to the PS3’s success) was the omission of a 4K UHD Blu Ray drive.

Though it’s possible Sony thought that the slow-but-clear shift of media going all digital meant that a 4K Blu Ray drive seemed unnecessary, there has still been a dedicated group of gamers and movie enthusiasts who prefer physical media to digital, and if you look at the opinion polls made by Microsoft, it seems the majority of individuals... well, they just like to have the option.

Sony aren’t fools, and have clearly been looking at the popularity of the 4K Blu Ray drive-toting Xbox One X/S model, versus the very, very modest success of the Xbox One S All Digital In comparison - the people have spoken, and they want some sweet 4K media... of the physical persuasion.

In addition, one of the rarely-discussed aspects of the next generation is how much more additional internet bandwidth will be required to stream and download such impressive content, and so having that 4K Blu Ray drive allows Sony’s machine to come prepared for the future.

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