PS5: 10 Ways Sony Are Letting EVERYONE Down

9. Focusing On Live-Service Games

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Live service games are all the rage these days, with publishers keenly bankrolling titles intended to keep players engaged for years and years, typically in the hope of persuading them to drop some cash on some sweet, sweet microtransactions.

Last year, Sony revealed that they're planning to go all-in on live service games, with a dozen Games-as-a-Service titles expected to hit stores by the end of 2025.

This certainly sets alarm bells ringing for many PS5 owners, given the easy potential for Sony to shift away from their finite single-player first-party releases towards a glut of soulless live service titles in the pursuit of some easy bucks.

It'd be ridiculous to declare that live service games are inherently bad, but recent years are littered with the corpses of GaaS games which quickly died a death as they struggled to maintain player interest.

The Fortnites of the world are truly lightning in a bottle, and try as publishers might, capturing even a fraction of that glory is extremely difficult.

That Sony's evidently banking on releasing as many as four GaasS titles on PS5 per year until 2026 is concerning to say the least, especially if it signals a wider shift away from closed-off single-player content which can't be monetised in perpetuity.

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