PS5: 10 Ways To Blow PS4 Out The Water

The weirdest part? It won't even be that hard.


The release of the PS5 is on the horizon, and attention is already turning to how it can be even better than the PS4. Sony were clearly victorious over Microsoft this gen, but a helluva lot of that is down to their exclusives. Behind the actual gameplay, it was a close run thing.

Of course, gaming is the most important thing in a game console. However, Sony will want to make sure their hardware is up to scratch too, if they want to kick on this generation. To do that, they need to patch up weaknesses, improve already popular features, and take a few leaves out of Xbox’s book too.

The PS5 has huge momentum going into this generation, and needs to keep that going. It’s on top right now, but even despite the red ring of death, most would give the previous generation to the 360 over the PS3. Nintendo is finally back in the game too, for the first time really since the SNES.

The N64 and GameCube were decent, but off the pace, while the Wii was a family console and the WiiU flopped hard. The Switch though is genuine competition, so the PS5 needs to be on top form.

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