PS5: 10 Ways To Blow PS4 Out The Water

10. Backwards Compatibility


The lack of backwards compatibility has been Sony’s Achilles heel this generation, but they have told us this won’t be the case for the PS5. For some, seeing is believing, and we don’t yet have the complete details, but Sony have been making all the right noises though. It suggests they’re aware of how important this is to some players.

Obviously, there’s a wealth of games available on the PS4, and you’re never really going to be short of options. But when Xbox can integrate backwards compatibility, it feels a little strange to see Sony, the clear victor in most categories this gen, be in such a distant second place.

PS Now got a mention earlier, and there are a handful of PS3 games you can access through that. People don’t want to pay for a small collection of games they might already own though. They want fully integrated backwards compatibility, right back to the PS1 if possible, with their own discs.

As well as PS Now, PlayStation recently added EA Access too, and the difference between Xbox & PlayStation was glaring. While the likes of Mass Effect 1-3 and the Dead Space trilogy are on Xbox, on PlayStation they’re nowhere to be found.

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