PS5: 13 CONFIRMED Details Sony Has Just Revealed

A release date, new hardware, mystery games and MORE!


The people working at Sony couldn't care less about convention, could they? Months after outright announcing the existence of their next-gen console in an interview with Wired, the company has done the same thing again, sitting down with the publication to talk in even more depth about the machine they're currently working on.

It's an unprecedented move, and a far cry from years gone by where both Sony and Microsoft would vehemently deny the existence of any new consoles right up until the moment they lavishly unveiled them on a grand stage livestreamed across the world.

I'm not complaining though, as the new interview - along with a blog post on the official PlayStation website - has given fans a wealth of new details which, combined with the previous blowout, offer a pretty comprehensive look at the features and specs that will define the next generation of PlayStation.

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