PS5: 5 Must-Buy Launch Games (And 5 That Will Suck)

9. Will Suck: Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Spider-Man Miles Morales
Frontier Developments

This isn't exactly something Sony is promoting in its PS5 marketing campaign, but yes, Planet Coaster: Console Edition really is coming to the console on day one.

While reviews for Frontier's theme park builder on the PC were positive, there's nothing about this which screams "launch title," and while the controls have been overhauled, the visuals have not. It's basically the same game that was released on Steam, albeit with the DLC included.

In other words, it's a bog standard port from the PS4 version that's being released the same day, and anyone hoping for a game that takes advantage of the PS5's processing power will be disappointed. Now, some will undoubtedly be able to have fun with this - it's by no means a bad game - but as a launch title, it also undoubtedly sucks.

Face it, this is the game your grandma goes to the sore and buys you for Christmas instead of a Resistance: Fall of Man or Killzone: Shadow Fall-style launch title!


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