PS5: 7 Games We Need As Soon As Possible

7. A Bloodborne Sequel


As soon as the PS5 launches there's one title we want to ring in the next PlayStation right with a sequel to Bloodborne. The release of Bloodborne was almost four years ago, and still, there is no word of a sequel.

Fans of the original consider this a tragedy, and they're not wrong.

Subtle world-building characterizes Bloodborne alongside Souls-like games made by FromSoftware, which is one of the reasons people kept falling in love with it. Combine that with the stellar combat that always challenges you to learn patterns and you've got a great foundation that can only get better with a follow-up.

Maybe this time around people can actually play some of the abandoned concepts from the original. There have been a multitude of discoveries in the last couple of years showing all kinds of abandoned areas and bosses.

Although many fans are clambering for a follow-up, it's doubtful when we can expect this sequel, as the studio is busy working on Elden Ring. The collaboration project with Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is in development right now, and a release date has not been announced yet.

We can, however, hope a sequel gets announced - just like all the fans who've been doing so for years now.


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