PS5: 7 HUGE Mistakes Sony Are Making

You'd think they'd see (dual)sense.


Talk about a 180 degree turnaround.

During the September 16th PS5 showcase, PS5 fans rejoiced at footage of the all-new Final Fantasy XVI, were blown away by Demon's Souls gameplay and further satisfied by a price point right in line with Microsoft's Xbox Series X.

Even the incredible value proposition that is the Xbox Series S now has stiff competition as the disc-less PS5 is "only" another 100 dollars/pounds for the full next-gen experience. Across the board it was positivity for all... until all hell broke loose.

With various retailers opening pre-orders despite Sony saying customers would be notified to avoid going out of stock, this was only the beginning. Further digging unearthed everything from PS5 exclusives going cross-gen to price hikes, lies concerning timed exclusives and more.

It seems Sony have been playing quite the devious game when it comes to public perception, and though we think they're "For the Players", you need only look to their attitude when launching the PS3, to see how greedy they can become.

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