PS5: 8 CONFIRMED Features We Already Know

Get ready to dig out your PS1 games.

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The PS4 may still be riding one hell of a wave since its release back in 2013, but it's no secret that Sony is already deep into research and development for its inevitable successor, the PS5.

Most industry estimates peg the console as likely to release in the final few months of 2020, and while that would leave us around two years out from it finally hitting stores, word about the platform's specs and features have started to leak out as Sony starts to nail them down.

Thanks to patent findings made available online and word from industry leakers with strong track records, there's actually a pretty decent amount of information out there about the PS5, and the picture's quickly becoming clear about what kind of console it will end up being.

If the PS4 swerved sharply away from the PS3's divisive design and technical execution, it seems that the PS5 won't veer too far from what's made Sony an easy market leader for the last five years.

It'll be a beefier unit, of course, but you can mostly expect Sony to double down on their current initiatives and hopefully provide a few neat quality-of-life fixes to the eco-system.

So, while we probably won't have an official PS5 unveiling until 18 months from now, here's what the trusted early word on the street tells us...

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