PS5: 8 CONFIRMED Features We Already Know

8. Faster Start Times For Games


As fantastic as the "suspend/resume" feature has been on the PS4, Sony is reportedly planning an even faster solution on PS5.

Resetera user console lover discovered that Sony apparently wants to find a way for next-gen games to launch "instantly" as they would on, say, a Mega Drive cartridge, and the company filed a fascinating patent this past January to that effect.

If you can sift your way through the technical jargon, it basically suggests that the PS5 will most likely feature RAM-intensive loading systems which can near-immediately load game assets, and most likely a last known save, from the moment you hover over a game icon and before you've actually pressed the launch button.

As handy as suspend/resume is, if the PS5 can genuinely do away with splash screens and dive in and out of separate games within a matter of seconds, that's a major leap forward indeed.

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