PS5: 9 Brand New CONFIRMED Details You Need To Know

Now we FINALLY know what next-gen graphics look like.

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Even though it doesn't seem all that long ago when Microsoft and Sony were dropping the PS4 and Xbox One, the latest generation of gaming is coming to an end. Even though the latter company has effectively "won" the console war, selling double the competition, the past five years have seen sales skyrocket for both companies, putting both in the best positions they've potentially ever been in to continue delivering something special in the console space.

While Microsoft initially teased the beginning of the next-gen at E3 2018, it's been Sony and their representatives who have been so open about discussing their plans for the future. Out of nowhere in April, Mark Cerny had a sit-down discussion with Wired and openly revealed specs for the new machine and his vision for Playstation going forward.

Following that, Sony and Playstation execs have once again delved into the ideas and technology behind their in-development console, with videos and interviews revealing not only how the machine is shaping up from a conceptual level, but what the next generation of gaming will actually look like.

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