PS5: What The Reveal CONFIRMS About Next-Gen Gaming

We're almost there.


The next generation is nearly upon us.

You can always tell when one console generation is ending and another is starting to begin. All of a sudden rumours start getting more and more persistent, and it seems like all you hear about is leaked features from the next console.

This time is different though. This time we aren't just going off rumours.

Through an out-of-nowhere Wired article, Sony have released a bunch of new details, not only about the next PlayStation but presumably about the focus of the next-generation of gaming as a whole.

There's a lot of detail stuffed into the writeup, detailing the power of the console, some of its features and even some things that we had no idea were being focused on.

Some of this stuff is majorly impressive as well, and if even half of the things we've been told so far end up coming to pass then we're really in a treat when the next generation rolls around.

Using the power of analysis we've combed through the business speak and picked out some of the key features of the next generation, locking in what we can expect based on this information.

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