Rage 2: 10 Features That Prove It's Better Than DOOM

What happens if you combine DOOM with Borderlands? Rage 2.


The release of Bethesda's absolutely bonkers Rage 2 is finally upon us and impressions on it are clear: it's a blast to play.The project was developed by id Software (DOOM, Rage) and Avalanche Games (Just Cause series, Mad Max) and it shows. These studios have developed a reputation for tightly-responsive combat and dedication to player freedom and choice.

Rage 2 continues that trend. It's a game that relishes giving players every opportunity to take out enemies with increasing levels of creativity. Your weapon wheel has a DOOM level of variety, filled with imaginative, sci-fi guns go along with the time-tested double-barrel shotgun.

In a lot of ways, it's very much like 2016's DOOM: An emphasis on gun-fu combat, constant action, and a story that's more a framework to let you indulge in your chaotic side. id Software utilizes all of the great things they did with that title here, but thrives even more thanks to Avalanche's involvement. It even incorporates a cartoony post-apocalyptic open world and Sunset Overdrive's color palette to provide a gorgeous playground for you to blow up.

DOOM was undoubtedly a crowning achievement for id Software, but Rage 2 looks to be an overall more stacked title. In fact, Rage 2 may very well have surpassed id's previous work, thanks to some core new features.

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