Rainbow Six Siege: 10 Glaring Problems Ubisoft Still Haven't Fixed

The glaring problems that Rainbow Six Siege players want Ubisoft to fix urgently.

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Rainbow Six Siege has gone on to overcome what was considered a lacklustre launch to become one of the most popular esports shooters in modern times.

Siege boasts a player count of around 55 million across all available platforms, placing it in esteemed company among other popular esports titles. The tactical shooter can be a breath of fresh air when compared to other modern competitive shooters as it roots itself in realism and teamwork as opposed to the twitchy gunplay of Call of Duty or the ability heavy heroes of Overwatch. It's this unique take on the 'hero' shooter that has helped carve out a passionate player base, a thriving content creation community and competitive professional leagues.

Despite its popularity however Ubisoft's tactical FPS is still a long way from perfect. The uniqueness of the game often leads to a number of issues, but it is also plagued with the common issues found in other competitive titles. These issues became so prominent that back in early 2020, Ubisoft released a revised roadmap for Siege that outlined plans to release less new content and instead focus on revamping existing content. Previously the developers also substituted one of their planned expansions with Operation Health, which featured no new content for the game outside of bug fixes and improvements to the matchmaking system.

It's fair to say then that Rainbow Six Siege is not without its issues and here's a list of ten that Ubisoft needs to fix in order to improve it.

10. Toxic Players

Rainbow Six Siege Jager

Anyone who has played even a few hours of Rainbow Six Siege will likely have a story or two about encountering toxic players. This is nothing new to Siege in particular and has been commonplace in any online multiplayer game. However, it is often more prominent in Siege because of the impact it can have on your enjoyment if there are toxic players on your team.

Siege is rooted in realism and environmental destructibility, which are two things that make the game so unique and fun to play. Friendly fire is present in Siege meaning that it's entirely possible for a player to put an end to a teammate's round early by turning their weapon on them. Unfortunately, this happens all too often and more often than not it’s not by accident.

Ubisoft have gone to lengths already to try and rectify this by allowing the affected player to flag a kill from a teammate as intentional, which means that if the offending player tries to shoot a teammate again the damage will instead be turned on themselves. However, if a player is playing the game solo, it is possible for four toxic teammates playing as a group to ruin almost a full match of Siege, which often takes the better part of half an hour to complete. This unfortunately happens all too often and can be extremely frustrating.

Ubisoft allows players to report others for toxic behaviour which is a start, but it still feels like there is more work that needs to be done to get this problem under control.


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