Ranking Every Battlefield From Worst To Best

Battlefield set the standard for combined arms multiplayer, but which release is the best?


As DICE's premier franchise, Battlefield has made a lasting impact on the first-person-shooter genre over the years. With its excellent technical presentation, dynamic gameplay sandbox and focus on both on-foot and vehicle based combat, the series has been a regular fixture in online gaming.

Over the last decade it has also lead the way for many other franchises under EA's banner, running on the powerful Frostbite engine.

While it's mostly regarded nowadays as a franchise EA keeps on pressing DICE to make, its impact on the wider multiplayer scene can't be understated. As clich├ęd as it sounds, the massive battles that take place in every game are rarely matched in other FPS franchises. Whether it's landing an awesome multi-kill in a jet or teaming up with your squad to take the objective, Battlefield has always offered an entertaining

We're leaving out expansions and side entries like Battlefield: Vietnam and Battlefield: Modern Combat and focusing on all ten mainline entries from 2002 to present. From failed experiments to immaculate design, here is every major release ranked from worst to best. Move out soldier!

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