Ranking EVERY Fallout Game From Worst To Best

Wait... is the best Fallout game NOT made by Bethesda?

Fallout games

War. War never changes.

It's a phrase that's become embedded into the minds of nearly every Fallout fan thanks to it's Ron Perlman boosted grit, but when actually applied to the franchise itself, couldn't be further from the truth.

Across it's tenure the Fallout games have wildly mutated from a top down isometric perspective, to first person open world odyssey and even jumping ship to mobile games for good measure. And while the series is still beloved thanks to it's surgical use of dark comedy, outstanding lore and a mind-melting amount of choices, this desire to keep pushing the boundaries has sometimes resulted in Brahman dung.

And seeing as we're spending time in our own personal vaults, why not cast a judging eye over the pack and separate the true Glowing Ones, from those synths simply pretending to be true Fallout classics?

11. Fallout 76 (2018 Launch Edition)

Fallout games

I don't think there will be many who oppose the launch version of Fallout 76 placing as the worst game in the franchise as to be blunt, this game was utter garbage when it dropped in 2018.

It feels like beating a dead horse at this point, but the list of issues with this game were long. From enemies adopting a deadly T-pose at any given moment, rewards not being doled out to players, the incessant bloom lighting, a hilarious discovery that looking at the floor made you run faster because the game could load quicker, and of course, players exploiting nuclear weapon codes. The latter would sometimes fail to reset and if used, crash the entire server.

It was hilarious for those on the outside looking in, but a nightmare for players wanting more.

This was a risky move for Bethesda in the first place, choosing to take a single player focused game online, but they promised us "it just works". However when the company couldn't even provide a duffel bag to it's loyal customers, it was clear that it was a case of "actually... it really doesn't"

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