Ranking EVERY Fallout Game From Worst To Best

10. Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel


In the dark period between Fallout 2 and the reinvention of the franchise with Fallout 3, there existed a lull where two games bearing very similar names crawled out of the vaults below.

One, which I'll detail later, was a glorious approach to tactical combat in the vein of the Commandos series of games, and the other...well the other was Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, a top down dungeon crawler with a post apocalyptic theme that absolutely nuked itself when it dropped on the Ps2 and original Xbox in 2001.

Simply put, this isn't a fallout game. At best it's a hack n'slash affair with the most minimal of nods towards it's own franchise. If you cut the Fallout name from this title I'd not even be able to tell, and thanks to it's insipid controls and dire fighting, it's not one you'd even want to play regardless.

It's a real shame as this game uses the same engine as Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, which is a truly great top down experience. However this feels like anything decent has been irradiated or rusted away into a game that is a shallow pretender hiding in the shadow of the Fallout licence.

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