Ranking Every Kingdom Hearts Game - From Worst To Best

So many sequels, so many characters - which are the definitive best?

Kingdom Hearts
Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts is one of the most inventive, confusing and entertaining gaming series from the past few generations. Merging Square Enix characters with Disney's finest was a mixture that no one considered, but the end product is a franchise that has sold millions, resulting in an adoring fan base.

The long road to the third instalment in the series has been made somewhat easier (or more difficult, depending on who you talk to) by the spin-off games and HD remasters that have been released throughout the years.

Most Kingdom Hearts games are wholly fantastic, with wonderful music, a beautiful presentation and entertaining gameplay. Others might as well not exist. Some of the titles in the canon simply seem to exist to keep fans from rioting over the lack of Kingdom Hearts 3, or to expand upon confusing plot points that weren't explained fully in previous games.

Every game has their place, but some are clearly better than others. This list aims to rank every single Kingdom Hearts game released in the past fifteen years from worst to best. Let us know your own ranking in the comments below.


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