Ranking EVERY Main Resident Evil From Worst To Best

How does RE3's remake fare against the rest?


For 24 years now Resident Evil has defined a genre, time and again, spawning 13 entries in its mainline series (including two remakes) and 11 side games, all drastically varying in quality. It is hard to imagine the landscape of gaming without this standard bearer of survival horror constantly checking in.

Unlike other long-running series', Capcom hasn't been shy taking risks over the years, reinventing survival horror by changing up protagonists, perspectives and even the genre itself to some extent. So yes, these game have their place in the overarching timeline, but all come with their own unique self-contained stories.

Resident Evil has certainly seen its fair shares of highs and lows throughout its tenure, from setting trends to revolutionising the industry and even dropping the ball so hard a fresh start was desperately needed. Let's not try to hide the fact that these games can be scary as hell, but then the next could be the schlockiest thing you play all year.

So, as the RE3 remake is finally out, let's see how it stands against the other 13 main titles from Capcom. For the purpose of this list, sub-series such as Outbreak, Survivor and Dead Aim are left out and well... Umbrella Corps really should be left dead and buried anyway.

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