Ranking Every Neversoft Tony Hawk Game From Worst To Best

Time to look back on this iconic franchise.

Tony Hawks Games

The internet is abuzz once again with rumours of remastered Tony Hawk games. If the rumours have any substance remains to be seen, but regardless, fans are excited.

While Activision still hold publishing rights, they have not licensed it out to any developers since the Robomodo deal lapsed. While this has been mostly attributed to the disaster that was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, that was simply the final nail in the coffin.

Since Robomodo took over, the series has seen many ill fated attempts to keep the Hawkster relevant in the game space. Starting with Ride, the developers tried desperately to cash in on the Guitar Hero craze with peripheral support. Ride and followup game Shred required gamers to use a life-size skateboard controller, rather than the traditional gamepad - a move that failed to impress.

All that aside however, the 'Neversoft era' gave us one of the most beloved series of games in history. Consistent innovation and ability to keep up with the trends at the time meant players always had something to look forward to with the next instalment.

Even the game’s soundtracks are still fondly remembered today, often being the highlight of an individual game.

9. American Wasteland

Tony Hawks Games

The seventh instalment was yet another departure from previous efforts. American Wasteland offered a single map, made up of different Los Angeles locations.

The attempt to sell the game as one sprawling level was heavily criticised, with the corridor sections being cheap attempts at hiding loading times. This was the first time that the ability to ride a BMX was available, however fans were unimpressed with the strange control system.

American Wasteland tried to take the franchise back to its roots, putting the sport first rather than destruction and crazy antics. The storyline follows an amateur upstart, trying to make their way into the industry. What followed was a story about a group of misfits trying to make a name of themselves. Sadly, the game was a completely forgettable, despite being a solid outing.

In an unprecedented move for the franchise, the developers teamed up with legendary record label, Vagrant Records. Some of the biggest bands in the alt-rock scene were brought in to record covers of iconic skate anthems from the 80’s and 90’s. The soundtrack paid homage to The Clash’s iconic London Calling artwork and even managed to chart on the Billboard Top 200.

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