Ranking Every PS5 Game From Worst To Best (So Far)

9. Godfall

godfall game
Gearbox Software

Godfall is easily the most forgettable game of the generation so far, but it must be said that a 30 person team going from indie releases to the PS5's launch window should be applauded.

A PS5 exclusive, Godfall makes a surprisingly solid first impression thanks to throwing EVERY rendering trick in the book on-screen. I had an absolute blast across the opening 20 minutes or so, drinking in how overblown the production felt, and how shiny every last surface was, with flashy combat doing its best to mask how little game is actually here.

Sadly, once you're out the more story-fuelled intro, Godfall reveals its true form as a repeat biome loot grind. It's still solid enough to play, but the encroaching feeling you're just doing the same thing over and over only puts you off over time.

Glossy and with hints of a wider lore that could be fleshed out if the product didn't feel so threadbare, Godfall is something a 30 person dev team should celebrate for the rest of their days, but it can't hold a candle to what else is on offer.

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