Ranking Every Rockstar Game From Worst To Best

GTA, Red Dead, Max Payne, Bully...

Rockstar Video Games

From humble beginnings to household names - and a few court cases along the way - Rockstar are by far one of the biggest, most recognisable and proficient developers in gaming history.

Responsible for multiple titles and franchises various generations will call their favourite, you really have to ask yourself: Is there any other developer with such a solid track record? As you'll garner from combing through the following 25 titles, Rockstar - without being too overt about it - really did have some immaculate forethought when it came to developing subsequent releases.

Various game mechanics or frameworks were tested in new IPs before being rolled back into the bigger games, forever ensuring that their marquee releases remain tentpole, landmark events. Literally no other developer save for perhaps Nintendo can lay claim to such meteoric success, nor the fact they've managed to maintain a notable high bar of quality for almost two decades at this point.

Brothers Dan and Sam Houser may mostly keep out of the spotlight, but that allows them to focus on everything their studios put out without fear of bowing to publisher demands or the whims of the public. It gives Rockstar a real feeling of passion and intent - something that makes their finest game one of the industry's very best...

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