Ranking Every Rockstar Game From Worst To Best

25. Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis

Rockstar Table Tennis
Rockstar Games

There's no such thing as an abject 'bad' Rockstar game, but when you're up against a pantheon of classics that include genuine medium-defining, world-changing releases, well, "Table Tennis" can only get so far.

Indeed, Rockstar apparently made this random one-off as a test for what would then power GTA IV - the 'RAGE' tech ('Rockstar Advanced Game Engine'). Needed to govern every last part of their next instalment in gaming's biggest franchise, they designed a nicely-playing game with solid character models and physics governing the swing of the bats and the bounce of the ball.

Everything was charming and pedestrian enough, providing just enough furtive steps to lead into an entire recreation of New York City and the ensuing chaos thereafter.

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