Ranking Every Silent Hill Video Game From Worst To Best

What's the best Silent Hill game? Silent Hill 2? P.T.? Shattered Memories?!


Few names in gaming can cause people's knees to tremble the same way that Silent Hill can.

When the original game released back in 1999, people had never experienced anything quite like it. The potent atmosphere and heightened emphasis on psychological terror over simple jump scares really shook the gaming landscape of the time and helped push the medium into bold new territory.

Not content to merely rest on their laurels, the creators at Team Silent wasted no time in crafting a handful of excellent sequels that further expanded the scope and thematic territory that these simple horror games would dare to tread.

However as time went on, that magic was lost as different developers set up shop and lost the core ethos of what Silent Hill was all about, resulting in a dizzying mix of quality that few other gaming franchises have ever seen.

We're here today to rank the games in the series from worst to best, so that anyone who has never dipped their toe into the murky world of Silent Hill will know the ideal starting point, and what games they should leave out in the fog to rot.


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