Ranking EVERY SoulsBorne Game From Worst To Best

Is Sekiro their best work to date?


The Soulsborne term is not an official moniker, but a fan-created name for the recent run of action games created by FromSoftware, which have been creating ripples in the games industry for the last decade.

Sure, there's a very loose connection of lore subtly linking the games with one another, but what's more telling as a common trait is third-person gameplay and controller-smashing difficulty.

These games are tough. Really, really damn tough.

Therein lies the main hook; an old-school level of challenge, accompanied by a relentlessly obtuse take on storytelling. Yet, with those large obstacles, comes the adrenaline-fuelled thrill of victory for those that persevere.

When FromSoft launched Demon's Souls in 2009, it was a refreshing experience in an era where games held your hand from the get-go. Since then, the team has pushed forward to massive success, iterating and evolving that original formula.

The latest example, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, shakes everything up more than ever, becoming a radical subversion of the blueprint, while also an acknowledged expansion too. It's both a Soulsborne game, but also something altogether more action-focused.


If that sounds abstract, it goes with the territory. Nothing is easy with this franchise, but let's see how this new challenger ranks with his granite-strong brethren.


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