Ranking Summer 2017's Video Games From Worst To Best

17. Tacoma

Tacoma Fullbright

Where 2013's Gone Home was a medium-shaking achievement that redefined how narratives and stories can be told in video games, Tacoma is... an excruciating letdown. Gone is the slow, mysterious build of what's going on in the Greenbriar household mirrored in how the game framed itself as a slow-crawling horror, and in is another exploration of character, but one without the gut-punch finale that tied everything up so nicely.

That said, the main reason this isn't higher on the list comes from technical issues. Which is to say: The Xbox One version is an absolute mess.

At time of writing Fullbright are still yet to release a patch that makes the game 100% stable or reliable to play, with both single digit frame rate qualms crippling the narrative, and some gamers - myself included - receiving a disastrous bug on the opening title screen, where the 'Hit A to continue' prompt doesn't do anything.

A gargantuan misstep for one of gaming's most cherished developers, hopefully Tacoma sees a new lease of life with an Xbox One X upgrade/frame rate-fixing patch combo.

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