Ranking Summer 2017's Video Games From Worst To Best

18. Agents Of Mayhem

Agents Of Mayhem
Deep Silver

By far the most barrel-scraping affair of the summer was Agents of Mayhem; Volition's attempt to roll together Overwatch and loot-grind mechanics into a third-person shooter that was ultimately harmless, but by that very definition, felt cringeworthy, forced and unnecessary.

All its systems - from the rote "Attack/defend this point" mission design to the "+ 0.5% damage" skill trees, stereotypical characters and unbelievably un-inventive weapons - felt designed by committee, as though Volition had taken a step back and analysed the industry before drawing up a spreadsheet of design tropes to hit one by one.

Again, mostly harmless, but by that same token, Agents of Mayhem singularly embodies everything that's overcooked in the modern gaming industry to a tee.

Gaming Editor
Gaming Editor

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