Ranking The Games & Movies Of Kingdom Hearts: All-in-One Package Worst To Best

9. Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

To anyone who played this game on the Nintendo DS, easy now! This is a ranking of the movie. And as a movie, this one at least starts off as quite the grueling journey with its look at Roxas and Axel's monotonous days in Organization XIII. Still, it will give anyone who watches it an overwhelming craving for sea-salt ice cream.

As it continues though, it picks up into a genuinely great experience, showing Roxas’s struggles with Organization XIII and the start of Axel’s journey into the fan-favorite character he would become. The final moments with their mutual friend Xion - who isn’t actually a person - is genuinely heartbreaking.

The friendships we see develop between these three, who were never really meant to be friends, are touching and enough to pull you through. There is a actually a lot of character insight, enough that people who skipped out on this one won't necessarily be missing story beats, but they will be missing some of the emotional weight.

The Problem is, it takes a good 90 minutes for the story to get going. Once the story does, it has great moments. But the journey to get their is a lot of waiting on a clock tower with sea-salt ice cream.


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