Red Dead 3: 5 Things We Want to See

Red Dead Redemption was one of the best games of the current generation, and though it was similar to Grand Theft Auto IV in mechanics, RDR had its own flavour. The western setting let Rockstar go wild, all puns intended: from the amazing animal life to the vast open world to little details like saying hello to someone, Red Dead Redemption put all other open world games to shame, including even Rockstar's own GTA IV. The online was very successful as well with the game's online community still active today. Rockstar did recently tease a new Red Dead game on their news wire, along with the first set of GTA V screenshots, with the intriguing tease: "Stay tuned for further announcements about the future of the Red Dead series." So, despite the lack of actual detail, this is all confirms a new game, which will likely be announced after Grand Theft Auto V's release. But what do we want to see from a series that pretty much has it all? Aside from little and obvious things like improved graphics and less bugs, there are a few things we definitely want to see feature in a new Red Dead Redemption title...

1. Survival Elements

One of the more interesting parts of Red Dead Redemption was the environment: New Austin was hot and sun-baked, but had a lot of small towns and settlements to find things and talk to people, Mexico's region was a sparse desert that didn't have a lot of hope. Buildings were run down and the whole place was ravaged by civil war, and the Great Plains and Tall Trees region had snow and forests. So where can this be taken next? The short answer is survival mechanics. Being in the snow in light clothing should slow you down and makes your aim less accurately, and prolonged exposure should mean you will eventually die, whereas being in the heat will cook you and make you exhausted if you aren't prepared for it. Another cool sub-addition here would be horse gear. If you look closely at the saddles in RDR, a holster for a rifle was present, so why not make this usable as a backup weapon for our favourite hunting shotgun? There is just so many possibilities that might go unexplored here, so I hope to see at least something like this make it into the game, as it could be an extremely successful development for the game.

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