Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Iconic Western Characters You Must Create

Walk the Old West in style.


Red Dead Redemption 2 launched in 2018 to almost universal critical acclaim, smashing sales records and cementing soulful cowboy Arthur Morgan as one of modern gaming’s most iconic characters.

Despite the huge positive reception though, there’s been one part of Red Dead marred in constant negativity: Red Dead Online.

With a strange marketplace economy (initially beans were more valuable than gold), empty gameplay, poor customisation options and a server marred with griefers out to ruin everyone’s fun, Red Dead Online left a sour taste. Failing to live up to single player is one thing; Arthur Morgan’s story is one of gaming’s most endearing tales.

Red Dead Online though wasn’t even close to the single player quality though. In fact, it struggled to compete with most online games anywhere.

However, it had slowly but surely made improvements, and the customisation options have gotten better too. With that, several players have tried to brighten up the disappointing game mode by creating some of the Wild West’s most iconic characters.

Using the various clothing options in the game, these Western characters can be playable in the online mode; some in single player if you kit out Arthur in the right garb.


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