Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Iconic Western Characters You Must Create

10. Landon Ricketts


Landon Ricketts might not be an ‘Iconic Western Character’ per se, but he’s an important part of Red Dead lore itself, so is definitely worth making if you’re a die hard fan of the games.

Plenty of people have tried to make Arthur or John online, but due to the very distinct looks of these two (Arthur’s broad shoulders and warm eyes, John’s scars), it’s hard to get a decent replica, probably by design to push players into more creative design choices.

Ricketts is a former gunslinger you meet in Red Dead Redemption as the unofficial Sheriff of Chuparosa. He gives John a pistol upgrade and improves his Dead Eye, before sending him on his way.

The costume for Ricketts is based off his collectable cigarette card in Red Dead Redemption 2, and can be copied pretty faithfully.

The grey gambler hat above the thick moustache and long hair starts you off, and if you’re willing to squint a little, the rest of the costume is in game too. The black striped waistcoat with the dark suede jacket and padded saddle pants (they’re pinstripe, despite the image showing a plain pair) and any set of brown boots completes the look.


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