Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Iconic Western Characters You Must Create

9. Woody


Seeing as Toy Story isn’t a Western (obviously), you could make the argument that Woody doesn’t belong on this list. However, he’s a hugely recognisable cowboy in popular culture, even more than many of the actual Western heroes here.

Plus, the Woody outfit is hilarious, so it needs to be here.

No, unfortunately there's no pull string on his back, nor the classic lines ‘there’s a snake in my boot!’, ‘somebody’s poisoned the waterhole!’ or even ‘You! Are! A! Toy!’, but then again, you do get to make Woody pump bandits full of lead, so it’s a sacrifice worth making.

Start off with a clean shave, obviously, and any of the short hairstyles will do; something like the right parting. Then you’ll want the cutter hat, red patterned bandana and yellow work shirt. Then blue bandito pants, brown roper boots and brown spurs complete the look. It doesn’t sound that funny separately, but together the whole thing ties together well.

You won’t be the most badass cowboy on the range in this look, but you’ll definitely be one of the most memorable ‘pokes players ever meet.


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