Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Mind-Blowing Secrets & Theories You Need To Know

9. The Lost Colony Of Roanoke

The legend of Roanoke is a tale that has been explored in both Supernatural and American Horror Story, and now Rockstar has had a go too. It details the fate of the first English settlers in America who mysteriously vanished without a trace.

One of the settlers, John White, left in 1587 to gather supplies, but was unable to return until 1590 because of the Anglo-Spanish War. When he did, all he found was a single word carved into a tree: Croatoan.

Impromptu history lesson aside, you might be wondering how all this fits into Red Dead Redemption. The game not only references the incident with Roanoke Valley, it seems to endorse the supernatural speculation surrounding its settlers. Some historians believe that a native tribe killed the English, but then no archeological evidence has ever been discovered to support this theory.

In Red Dead, when you ride through Roanoke Valley, you can hear ghostly voices and wails, presumably belonging to the souls of the settlers. A woman will cry and screech that she wants to go back home, while at other times you’ll hear unsettling laughter. Spooky stuff.


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