Resident Evil 3 Remake: 10 Reasons Why It Sucks

A whistle-stop tour of Raccoon City isn't what we wanted.


As a massive fan of the series, this is a bitter pill to swallow.

It pains me to admit it, but this year's remake of Resident Evil 3 really, really... falls short of expectations.

Alright, not going to beat around the bush: It sucks.

It's disappointing because it had so much potential to expand on what last year's remake offered us. You can hardly say it was rushed, either. The groundwork's been there for the last twenty one years.

Whilst it may have retained the more action-focused gameplay of its original, it comes at such a massive sacrifice. Massive parts of the original have either been tweaked or just flat out removed.

Iconic locations? Gone.

Puzzles? Gone.

A massively addictive unlockable minigame? Non-existent.

That snazzy Regina-from-Dino-Crisis unlockable costume? You'd better believe that's gone.

Instead, we've been given a narrowed down, linear experience with all of its unique charm from the original removed.

A much shorter runtime, bare minimum of endgame content, not to mention any real threat from the big nasty titular creature makes for a lacking experience.

And no, Resistance doesn't make up for any of it.

So come along and share my disappointment as we look at why this year's Resident Evil 3 remake is a massive letdown.


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