Resident Evil 3 Remake: 10 Things It Can Improve On

Can Capcom make lightning strike twice in their upcoming remake?


It's safe to say that no one was expecting 2019's remake of Resident Evil 2 to be as good as it was.

But as it turns out, fears were quelled with it being a successful return to form. Naysaying quickly turned into "Remake the third one and Dino Crisis!", with the former getting its release next April. As is always the way, niggling sets in pretty quickly, with fans wondering if it'll reach the same high as 2019's offering.

So what can Capcom do to ensure this doesn't happen? Well, the obvious would be "don't mess things up too much". Will we still be getting the fabled Mercenaries mode now that Project Resistance is the multiplayer component? Will the Nemesis still drop loot like the original game, as well as still be genuinely terrifying?

Will the criticisms of RE2 Remake's lack of enemy variety be addressed, whilst still keeping what makes it more grounded? Will it maintain the horror aspect, lest it suffer as later sequels descended into action farces?

I'm not going to say "all bets are off", but instead let's have a look at what the upcoming RE3 remake needs to improve on from its original to have the same impact as last year's remake. Fingers crossed.


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