Resident Evil 3 Remake: 10 Things It Can Improve On

10. Enemy Types


To downplay the response to the lack of enemy variety in the RE2 Remake would be unfair, but from an objective point of view, you can see why Capcom did it (to some extent). Ask yourself: what real purpose did the giant moth really have in the original?

But omitting some of the more creative enemies, like the giant sewer spiders, drew a lot of backlash from fans. Whilst Capcom wanted to keep it a bit more grounded in the setting, feedback was not well received, with forums still whining about it nowadays.

Lickers were conspicuously absent in this pre-sequel, replaced with Brain Suckers reminiscent of the Chimera enemies from the first game. If they're not there, I can see riots forming in the streets (and by streets, I mean forums).

It's a similar story with the Nemesis and his evolving iterations, with the fear being he'll be a single-formed entity like Mr. X in 2018's remake. His end battle in Leon's story is merely a faster version without his coat on, so let's hope the Nemesis doesn't succumb to that same treatment.


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