Resident Evil 7 - 10 Crippling Issues Capcom Need To Fix

Everything Capcom must do to make Resi feel like Resi again.

There are few gaming franchises that have as storied a history as Resident Evil. From its origins on the original PlayStation, where it redefined and popularised the Survival Horror genre, right through to Resident Evil 4 revolutionising the way action games are even played and controller, the series had always maintained a stellar reputation. Unfortunately that pedigree has started to falter in recent years, as Capcom began to lean more heavily towards the action elements that had helped make Resident Evil 4 so popular in the first place. It appears to have lost something along the way - in fact, it has gotten to the point where the only thing that really distinguishes the Resident Evil games from so many other generic action titles is the name on the box. For a series with as much history as this one, that is simply not acceptable and long time fans have been voicing their displeasure ever since Chris Redfield and his watermelon-sized biceps reappeared in Resident Evil 5. While recent spin-offs such as the Revelations games have addressed some of the problems that old-school fans have with Capcom's new direction, the main series still exhibits many of the hallmarks of a developer that has simply lost focus on what made their product so successful in the first place. This is a look at a few of the things that must be done - and also some that Capcom should stop doing too - if they want to ensure Resident Evil 7 marks a return to glory for such a legendary franchise.


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