Resident Evil 7: 10 Facts, Secrets & Easter Eggs You Totally Missed

Those monsters? They're made of actual meat.

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In case you're not currently riding the hype train with your tongue flailing out the window, Resident Evil 7 is 2017's first must-have game; a veritable cornucopia of jump-scares, grossout moments, memorable characters and a perfectly paced story with plenty of twists and turns.

It's a resounding return to form for a franchise that's been on the ropes for years, as aside from the offshoot Revelations series - which gameplay-wise, continued where RE4 left off - both other main sequels chased the Gears of War crowd far too much, resulting in straight-up bad games with no definable identity.

Thankfully, all of that is now behind us, as across the last five years, you can tell Capcom took some time to analyse the competition and how survival horror has aged and evolved over the years, before showing off a confident vision for the franchise's future.

It's a development cycle fraught with tales to tell, and the game itself is loaded with callbacks, awesome easter eggs and nods to the fans that have stuck by them for the duration, starting with...


10. The Game Pays Direct Homage To Its 1989 Inspiration


You can read a ton more about Resident Evil's history over here, but sufficed to say, one of the biggest facts about its origins comes from series' creator Tokuro Fujiwara.

Fujiwara's claim to fame was with Sweet Home, a 1989 NES adaptation of a movie of the same name, where a documentary film crew investigated a haunted mansion.

Whilst Fujiwara would team up with Shinji Mikami to form the bedrock of Resi, updating Sweet Home's game's design to 3D and giving us things like the Spencer Mansion, one of RE7's secrets does one better.

Located throughout the game are a number of VHS tapes which allow you to control and play whatever footage is available. One of the first you can find puts you in the shoes of Clancy Jarvis, cameraman for Sewer Gators; also a show about a host who looks into notably spooky abodes.

And we all thought it was just a Blair Witch nod.

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